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Promatt Elektronika was established in 1982 by four electronic engineers. During the eighties the company focused on the development and manufacturing of different microprocessor controlled industrial telemetrical systems.

The year of 1991 was a landmark in company's life. First, the newly developed conventional control panel had been launched, later a contract with System Sensor and Notifier had been signed. Since that, Promatt Elektronika has become the most successful fire alarm system distributor in Hungary. According to the yearly published official figures from the Hungarian Fire Department, about 40% of the fire alarm systems installed in the past 10 years in Hungary used Notifier or Promatt manufactured control panels and System Sensor detectors. People can find these systems at various places from the big industrial plants to highly prestigious buildings. The wide product range allows Promatt to offer the whole range of fire alarm systems to its customers from the smallest ones protecting private family houses or offices to the most sophisticated networked ones for protecting big industrial plants, shopping malls and governmental institutions.

Promatt Elektronika undertakes to plan and specify fire alarm systems if the installer ask it, as our engineers posses the required license. We ensure the products availability till the required term, but our stock capability usually allows us to serve the customers promptly. Promatt never installs systems, but according to our partner's demand, we undertake the commissioning and final handover.

The company's aim is not only to provide the customers with the most reliable and sophisticated fire alarm devices, control panels and systems, but to assist them with a strong technical background. The most of our partners (from more than 300 at the moment) are installer companies usually requiring assistance during the system planning, specification or during the system commissioning, final handover and maintenance. Thanks to our highly qualified engineers' technical knowledge we can help them in each phase : we hold regular training courses for the system specifiers focusing on the general planning information of the different fire alarm devices and systems, the training courses held for the installers emphasise the necessary programming, operating, installation instructions and give practical advises of a particular panel or system, while the courses held for the maintenance personnel are usually dealing with the most important tasks which have to be done during the regular maintenance. In addition, our customer service is always ready to assist our partners if they might have site, panel or device specific problems.

Beyond these free of charge courses which are usually held in our office, our engineers take lectures at the official courses in co-operation with the Fire Department, where the fire alarm system planners or maintenance personnel are trained. As the company is a member of the committee of the Hungarian Standardisation Institute, which is responsible to work out or apply the national fire alarm standards according to the EN54 in the near future, our lectures and training courses are held in compliance with the accepted or drafted European standards.

There are many other ways to meet the partners and inform them: to preach the sentences. That is the reason that we organise prestigious meetings to our valuable partners once a  year, introducing them the newest devices and systems. We always participate on the 'Security & Safety Exhibition', which is the biggest and most concentrated exhibition of this field in Hungary, held each year in Budapest.

Promatt Elektronika has become well-known and well-appreciated during the years of activity not only in the circus of our partners, but of our competitors as well. There are more than 4000 fire alarm systems in Hungary which had been installed by our partners. This could cause great pleasure and satisfaction for a salesman, but for  responsible thinking companies and persons, it means that we have to constantly improve the quality of our services, allowing our partners to do their jobs too according to the highest requirements and standards. That is the reason why we have decided to work according to the ISO9000 quality requirements and hopefully we will get the certificate in the near future. This way we will be able to maintain or further increase our market share and we hope that we can contribute to achieve the safety standards of the next century all through Hungary.

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