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Company profile

Promatt Elektronika is one of the most well-known fire alarm system distributor in Hungary offering wide range of quality products with exceptional technical and service background to its customers. The product range extends from the small conventional systems installed in residentials to the biggest networked intelligent systems installed in big industrial plants or shopping malls.

The Notifier control panels and accessories with System Sensor detectors, KAC call points and audio-visual devices, NoClimb maintenance equipments and Cavicel fire-resistant cables alone can not ensure that the installation, commisioning and maintenance of the fire alarm system will be done at the highest quality. The quality work requires quality products with quality service and technical background too. That is, what Promatt Elektronika offers to its partners. Due to the company's commitment to the highest standards and services, more than 4000 fire alarm systems originated from Promatt Elektronika protect people's lives and properties at different sites in Hungary.

The regular training courses held in our office help the system planners, the installers and maintenance personnels to be aware of the correct use, the advantage or disadvantage of the different systems and devices. The official courses, which are organised together with the Hungarian Fire Department give skills and qualification for the maintenance personnels to do their jobs at the highest possible quality.

Our customer service supplies quality fire products usually from stock, our engineers ensure prompt technical assistance for field problems and hold regular trainings, while our technicians and engineers provide quick service and repair.


Fire detection systems

Notifier control panels, System Sensor detectors, KAC manual call points, sounders and strobes, and other fire detection equipments

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